Our mission is to pull off the most ambitious and adventurous mural project in history Artist Tristan Eaton has been given approval to paint the historic Maunsell Sea Forts with a team of world renowned street artists.  After spending 2 days on the forts in the North Sea, he and his team crafted a plan for making art history.  The entire project will be recorded on multiple platforms, and will be immortalized in a full-length documentary film.

Tristan has assembled an incredible squad of top talent, and it will take all of their experience combined to tackle the job of transforming these fortifications on a deadline.  The complexity of the project - painting these forts while living at sea - has never been attempted.  There's sure to be creative competition and complications.

We will record this epic project with a feature length documentary film and a robust digital campaign via social media. We will also revive the pirate radio stations that once broadcasted here.  Through the eyes of the artists, we will see the process from beginning to end.

We want the whole world to interact with us in REAL TIME as this ambitious project unfolds. Listen to our pirate radio station, bookmark our streaming video, comment and share our social media posts. And join our team with a Kickstarter contribution.


Painting murals on the Red Sands forts pays homage to their beautiful history and almost gives them the parade they deserved, but never got for their service. These forts are a timeless symbol of resistance. Whether fighting the tyranny of the Nazis during WWII or fighting censorship in their Pirate Radio days in the '60s - they've always been on the frontline of defense against oppression. This makes them a perfect icon for the spirit of the Street Art & Graffiti movement and I think it's important to share their story with a new generation."  - Tristan Eaton


Award winning Filmmaker PASCAL FRANCHOT will be at the helm of the feature documentary that will follow the journey of our artists. The film will capture the intimate details of the world's leading muralist's challenges and inspirations as they tackle the forts. Whether hanging out over the ocean, or spending nights in makeshift barracks in creative cohabitation, their resulting moments will be epic. With extreme conditions and unusual surroundings, each artist will test their limits and abilities in the harsh outdoor sea elements, not only individually but as a collective team. 

Starting from their arrival at Heathrow airport, until the last drop of paint has dried, there will be nowhere on the planet as alive with creativity, full of risk, and packed full of daring.  The film will bring to life for viewers everywhere the experience these artists share as they come together with a singular mission -  to turn the historic Red Sands Sea Forts into world class works of art.


From wheels down in England, to the first hiss of paint on metal, to the final brush stroke in the setting sun of the last day of Painted Oceans, we will follow these exceptional artists chronicling their struggles and triumphs from an intimate, close up point of view. 

The PAINTED OCEANS project is a high stakes adventure and a rare chance for each of these artists to test their limits by transforming these forgotten military structures into monuments both to art and to history.

In this dangerous environment of extreme tides, decaying metal and unpredictable weather, care will be taken to provide safety for the artists as well as the natural habitat around the forts. Working under the guidance of The Port of London Authority, local non-profit group Project Redsand as well as local engineering partners, the PAINTED OCEANS team will create a remote ‘village at sea’ to strategically paint the murals and make their documentary film under the safest conditions possible. With an eye towards the future, PAINTED OCEANS also seeks to elevate the Red Sand sea forts onto Britain’s National Heritage List which will ensure their longevity, while providing them additional care and restoration over time.