Our sponsors have an intuition for great art. Each provides essential materials or funding to complete this project. Please support them as generously as they have supported us.



Our favorite sneaker company is coming on board to help us out! Converse has a major dedication to the arts and they’re giving our artists a big boost of support with their dedication to PAINTED OCEANS


Bernstein & Andriulli is NYC’s top art management company and have worked with PAINTED OCEANS founder Tristan Eaton for over 15 years. With out them none of this would be possible!


We can’t paint murals on the Sea Forts with out paint! Montana Cans is to the rescue with their high-performance acrylic based, aerosol paint! This is the good stuff and we’re honored to be on the team!


Detroit’s premier gallery for Modern & Contemporary Art is on board with PAINTED OCEANS project manage our high-end print and exhibition related projects.


Since 1998 Designersblock have been producing exhibitions of contemporary design in amazing and unusual locations, disused train stations, warehouses, factories and swimming pools to name a few. They join the Painted Oceans team as our local partners for event planning, production logistics, support and cheerleading.


PangeaSeed is our partner for Environmental concerns and Eco safety. They are global activists for protecting marine life and ocean habitats, harnessing the power of art to raise awareness and effect immediate change.


The Project Redsand Trust have been the champions of the Redsand Sea Forts for years. Without their dedication to these beautiful structures, they surely wouldn’t be around any longer. Thanks to their partnership, we’re able to activate the history of the forts and collaborate with the local community around them to pull off an art project of unprecedented proportions that will have lasting positive impact for all involved.